Light Duty Corner Rounder & Dies

Cornermate Decorative Corner Die, Round, 1/8"

The Cornermate Series is the new standard for cutting corners, holes and slots in plaques, badges, signs, and other items. The unit is precision engineered and manufactured from the finest materials and will produce flat, crisp shapes in photographic paper, laminations, magnetics, flexible plastic, and other materials. Decorative corner dies are also interchangeable with this machine (sold seperately). Each cutting unit has the material guides machined into the body of the unit so the location of the cut is always the same. To use, the cutting unit is placed in a machined recess in the table, the material is inserted into the cutting unit and the handle is squeezed. It's that simple and that quick! Comes with one 1/2" round die.

Cuts up to .040 aluminum, .125 flexible plastics (ABS, PVC), .020 engravers brass, and .015 brass plated steel.

Metal Corner Cutters - Light Duty Corner Rounder & Dies Brand: ACCUCUT 
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    1/8" Die
    Price: $70.50

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