Siser Red Clamshell Presses

Red Siser Digital Clamshell Press 11"x15"

The Siser Digital Clam Press is a great, economical heat press that works in the shop or on the go at events for on-demand printing. The Siser Digital Clam Press is easy to operate with a digital time and temperature readout and over-the-center pressure adjustment. The upper flotational platen provides a flat, even surface. Used in conjunction with a heat transfer pillow theres nothing you cannot print. The Siser Digital Clam Press is ideal for individuals who are just starting out in the industry, as a second press for home or the shop, or as a travel press that you take to live events like car shows, dance competitions, cheer events and more for complete on-demand heat printing and personalization!

  • Live Digital Time and Temperature
  • Easy to Operate
  • Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment
  • Upper heating element has non-stick coating
  • Cast-In Tubular Heating Element every 2" eliminates cold spots
  • UL/ULC/CERHS Approved
  • CE/NRTLCO Approved
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

    Heat Presses - Siser Red Clamshell Presses Brand: Siser 
    Siser Clamshell Heat Press
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      11x15 Press
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      16x20 Press
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