ColorJet Printable Media

ColorJet III Deskjet printing sheets Light (8.5"x 11")

Printable HTV Material - ColorJet Printable Media Brand: Specialty Materials 
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ColorJet III for Light
ColorJet III for Dark

ColorJet III Sheets are the ideal materials for a quick solution for your day or weekend event! These sheets print on most home or office ink jet printers with no special inks required! They can be cut with your favorite personal cutter or by hand, and can be applied with hand iron or heat press. Applies to cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics.

Use the ColorJet III Dark sheetsfor applications to light and dark colored garments. Print & cut right reading, remove from release liner, and place printed side up to press.
Use the ColorJet III Light sheets for applications to only light garments. Print in mirror image, cut, and place face down on garment to press.

This material is only intended for one-time or very short-term applications! Not recommended for machine washing (hand wash only). Do not stretch or cracking will occur. Read the Tech-Specs & Application Specs in full before using material. Material size 8.5" x 11".

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