Camo HTV

ColorPrint Easy Pink Camo HTV 9.5" w/ App Tape

Transfer Foils & Printed Patterns - Camo HTV Brand: S+B 
Price: $3.32 / YD   
Pink Camo
Price: $3.32 / YD

Siser ColorPrint Easy Forest Camo & Pink Camo HTV!

We are now offering our exclusive Forest Camo & Pink Camo HTV! We have printed this on the Siser ColorPrint Easy, which is the easiest weeding print and cut material ever! Weed with ease and mask!

The printed patttern is approximately 9.5" wide and sold by the yard (3 feet) and every yard of Camo HTV comes with a yard of TTD High Tack Masking Tape!

THIS PRODUCT IS CUT RIGHT READING (not mirror image) and requires a masking tape (regular transfer tape is not recommended for heat applying) which is included!

Application Instructions:
Apply to: 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton Blends, 100% Polyester or Leather
Preheat 2-3 sec, 300 degrees w/ medium pressure for 15 seconds, peel warm..

Siser ColorPrint Easy is a little thicker than Siser Easyweed, and when cut out in larger designs can feel a little "stiff".

Colors on the web may not be representative of actual colors.
Please call us at 800-635-6897 for a Color sample book.