HOTMELT 19" x 15ft

HOTMELT 19" x 15ft

Use Hotmelt with Textile Foils! Hotmelt Blue is used to bond foils to garments. It has a blue tint due to having a protective liner that you peel back BEFORE plotting and heat pressing. Your design will be cut in the Hotmelt, then a sheet of Textile Foil is pressed over the design, and the excess peels away, leaving the design area decorated with the Foil. Applies to cotton, uncoated polyester, cotton/polyester, and polyester/acrylic. No nylon. 19" x 15ft roll.

This material may be hand ironed with a very hot iron, but for best results a heat press is recommended.

**As of 6/8/17, Specialty Materials has made a change to the Hot Melt product.  It originally was produced with a blue-tint protective liner that was removed before cutting.  Moving forward, this material will no longer be made with the liner.  Therefore, the material looks white, instead of the blue tint.  The quality of the material is the same.  Please be aware that orders with Hot Melt may still receive the blue-tint material until it is sold out. After that time, orders will change over to the white Hot Melt, without the liner.**

Click on the above 'Tech Specs' to view the full instructions on how to use Hotmelt. Visit our Textile Foils page for our full line of foils that can be used with the Hotmelt.

 HOTMELT 19" x 15ft Brand: Specialty Materials 
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