4 Mil Matte Laminate

4 mil Matte Pressure Sensitive Lam PVC 38" x 50yd

SPB LAMMT Matte PSA Laminate is ideal for general, everyday laminating. Works well with almost any media type.

4mil Matte PVC Laminate

  • Adhesive: Permanent Solvent Acrylic
  • Liner: Kraft w/PE Coating One SIde
  • Indoor Durability: indoor only
  • Thickness:4 mil

Matte PSA Laminate - 4 Mil Matte Laminate Brand: Que-M 
4mil Matte PVC Laminate
  • Qty
    38" x 50Yds
    Price: $184.90
  • Qty
    54" x 50Yds
    Price: $262.70

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