Graphtec FC Static Strings

Four Static-Discharge Magnet For FC

The Static String, anti static cord is made up of tiny conductive micro-fibers that cause the static charge to ionize to the ground. The anti static cord is designed to fit in tight spaces, where other static eliminators are not effective. The Static String and all of teh static eliminators from Alph inovation are safe to use i clean rooms, FDA controlled environments, and in manufacturing processes that include food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Easy Installation:
Place the cord across the surface to be neutralized. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet by placing the Carbon Static String up to 1 inch away from maximum static elimination. The magnets will ground the cord to the metal machine.  Static String can be placed under or over a web or a sheet. It can also be used in multiple locations where static is causing problems.

Cutter Accessories - Graphtec FC Static Strings Brand: Graphtec 
Static String & Magnet
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