15" Wide Automatic Sheet Cutter

15" Wide Automatic Sheet Cutter

Cut labels, cut time! The NEW CE6000-40 Plus UA Automatic Sheet Cutter quickly detects 2-point reference marks for aligning the contour & printed image. An arm with suction cups lifts the media from the loading tray and places it into the cutter. After cutting, the sheets are placed in the tray. The dedicated software configures cutting conditions such as number of copies, cutting force, cutting speed, offset, and number of paths, and can import Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW EPS files as the contour data. Ideal for custom apparel, heat transfer, branded packaging, labels, business cards, POP display, paper decoration, and similar applications.

Supported standard size media:
  • A4 (11.69??? x 8.27???)
  • SRA4 (12.6??? x 8.9???), loaded in landscape orientation
  • A3 )11.69??? x 16.53???)
  • A3+ (Typically 13??? x 19???)
  • SRA3 (12.59??? x 17.71???), loaded in portrait orientation

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     15" Wide Automatic Sheet Cutter Brand: Graphtec 
    Price: $4,995.00 / EA    Quantity: