34" x 23.6" Graphtec Flatbed Cutting Plotter

34" x 23.6" Graphtec Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Graphtec's Flatbed cutting plotters fullfill a wide variety of cutting applications where roll-feed cutting plotters are not suitable because of thicker rigid substrates such as chip boards, paperboards and microflute. For designers and engineers, our tabletop model FCX4000 series, or the larger FCX2000 are excellent choices to cut sandblast rubber for masonry as well as sign templates. Graphtec's flatbeds are capable for full cut through on media that doesn't have a backing sheet, and rigid card stock that cannot be bent.

The pen carriage holds a plotting pen as well as a cutter so that you can draw a test plot prior to cutting without the need to exchange tools. Cut cardboards and paperboards with high speed and high accuracy.  On Demand Manufacturing and rapid sample packaging production, or even short run and small lot production jobs are ideal for these flatbeds.

The FCX4000-50 is an intermediate-format, professional flatbed cutting plotters capable of processing a wide variety of materials with accuracy — compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making. Optional stand is available. With a maximum cutting force of 600g, this flatbed series is the most economical solution for cutting thick, hard materials that cannot be fed through a roll-feed/friction-feed cutting plotter. With Graphtec's ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System), contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed rigid cardstock and other media is a simple workflow.

The FCX4000-50 is equipped with two Tool Holders for cutting, creasing and plotting. For graphic design and packaging mockups, the FCX4000-60 has the dual Tool Holder which can hold a cutting blade and creasing tool — to produce creases/folds and cuts on the same run. With their capability to hold both a cutting blade and a plotting pen simultaneously, the FCX4000 Series allow garment and shoe pattern designers to mark and cut the material without manually replacing the marking and cutting tools.

Software included: D-Cut Master (standalone cutting software for Windows only).

Cutting Master plug-in gives you the ability to work directly from CorelDraw® and/or Illustrator (*Mac and Windows compatibility). *Mac compatible with systems running full version of Adobe® Illustrator



  Maximum cutting Area   23.2in x 16.9 in   33.8 in x 23.6 in
  Max Media Widths   19.6 in (Y-axis direction)   26.2 in (Y-axis direction)
  Media Hold-down Method   Electrostatic Adhesion and Adhesive Sheet   Adhesion Mat and Adhesive Sheet
  Maximum Cut Speed   30 in/s (750 mm/s) in 23 Steps
  Cutting Force   Tool1= Max. 600 gf in 48 steps, Too2= Max. 300 gf in 30 stepts   Tool1= Max. 600 gf in 48 steps, Too2= Max. 600 gf in 30 stepts
  Mechanical Resolution   0.0005 mm
  Programmable Resolution   GP-GL Mode; 0.1/0/05/0.025/0/01 mm, HP-GL Mode; 0.025mm
  Compatible Media Type   Marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, and reflective), Stiff paper/card (for stencils, etc) up to 0.5 mm thick, polystyrene foam sheets up to 0.8 mm thick, sandblast rubber sheets up to 1.0 mm thick, Microflute board(F/G grades), Clear sheets for plastic boxes, High-intensity reflective film.  
  ARMS   Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System, Reverse-side cutting and creasing with ARMS, copy function, Creasing function, Repeat cut function.
  Interface   USB 2.0 High-speed, Optional Ethernet Interface (oph-A23) available
  Command Modes   GP-GL, HP-GL (selectable in command menu or Auto detection)
  Number of Tools   2 Tools
  Tool Types Cutter Blade, Pen   Cutter blade; supersteel, Pens: Water-based fiber-tip pen, oil-based ballpoint pen Creasing/scoring tool
  Unit Dimensions   33.7 x 30.7 x 7.9 in   46.1 x 37.9 x 7.9 in
  Shipping Weight   42 lbs   60 lbs
  Optional Stand Shipping Wt.   Not Available   62 lbs
  Warranty   1 Yr Parts & Labor Plus 1 Additional Year after online registration
  Graphtec List Price  

Graphtec's List Price $9,995.00



Graphtec's List Price $11,995.00


 34" x 23.6" Graphtec Flatbed Cutting Plotter Brand: Graphtec 
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