Static Bars


A common problem with wide-format printers is the buildup of a static charge as the media is pulled through the machine. This static charge will prevent the ink from dropping correctly on the media and sometimes create a trailing streak of ink behind the area where the ink is to be placed.

The BR6100C is a Passive Static Bar designed for specific Mutoh and Roland wide-format digital printers that can prevent electrostatic buildup, which causes damage to a printer and the miss-firing of ink droplets. The Static Bar has a carbon filament brush that pulls the static charge away from the media and then directs that charge down the attached cable to a building ground through a standard AC outlet. The Static Bars Aluminum mounting bracket attaches to the printer using insulated Velcro strips so that the static charge does not build up on the printers chasse and risk damaging the printer's electronics. If you have ever had a 10 foot print that had ink streaks on the last couple of feet printed, this product will save you from throwing that print away and starting over!

54" Mutoh bar fits VJ-1324 printer; 64" Mutoh bar fits VJ-1624 printer.

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Printer Static Bars
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