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CONGRATULATIONS, for own the most reliable cutter on the market!

The videos below are your best resorce for learning all of the features of your Graphtec cutter. This page is layout with the Graphtec CE series cutter video's on the left side, the FC series cutter video's in the center and the FCX flatbed cutter viideo's on the left. At the bottom of the page you will find the Owners and service manuals for the different series cutters. if you have any question about your Graphtec cutter please give our technical support staff a call at 800-635-6897.  

Link for specs and pricing of  CE6000-Plus Cutter

Link for specs and pricing of FC8600 Cutter

CE6000-Plus Videos

 FC8600 Videos  Basic Cutter Operation

Cutting Conditions


 Print and Cut 

Applications Videos